Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Celebrate Automata at the Clockwork Ball

The Primgraph magazine and Emperor Steelcobra Calamari of Steeltopia are hosting an event they have dubbed the Clockwork Ball,* celebrating the upcoming issue of The Primgraph, which will focus on the wonders of automata. (And, one fervently hopes, the fact that these creatures so often turn on their creators.)

In fact, there will be not one but two balls, both held this coming Saturday, April 2: one from 2-4 pm SLT and the other from 7-9 pm SLT. The Primgraph notes that "Prizes will be awarded for the attendees whose appendages and / or apparel most please the eyes of our judges."

Alas, my typist will be out of town this weekend, but I hope to see visual evidence of the event, including any cataclysms should the assembled machinery run amok.


*Listeners of the Clockwork Cabaret radio show will know that the Davenport sisters hold an occasional Steampunk event dubbed the Clockwork Ball, generally held in or around Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mixing up the two events could lead to hard feelings somewhere along the line, so I urge caution. However, anyone providing a moving picture record of a performance of the Interpretive Whale Dance at this weekend's event should post the video in a prominent location.

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