Monday, June 6, 2011

Angeleno Heights - Los Angeles in the Victorian Age

This seems to be the week that the Jameson sisters borrow ideas from Dr. Fabre. Just as Rhianon recently profiled the Clockwork Kingdom based on a piece in the Steampunk Tribune, another article in the Tribune had me packing to visit today's destination, Angeleno Heights.
The sim is designed to be turn-of-the-century (that phrase seems to need another modifier these past 11 years, no?) Los Angeles - "Victorian," but not Steampunk.
The pier holds the carnival rides and a gathering spot called the Dafthouse.

The gazebo is a lovely spot for a daytime cup of tea - or a peep through the spyglass at activity on the beach!

The old asylum on the hill is a foreboding place. It has a commanding view of the area, including the luxurious opera house.

Vagabonds is a cozy watering hole in the far northeast of the area. It's possible I had one too many.

Charming Victorian houses and shop space are available for rent as well. Although Victorian-era sims are plentiful, U.S. - especially West Coast U.S. - ones are not, so Angeleno Heights provides something a little different for lovers of the era.


RF said...

Dear Miss Jameson,
Please feel free to extrapolate on anything in the Travelogue - I have a habit of missing facts, so having your astute eye to detail is an added benefit!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, sir, and you are too generous regarding my abilities.