Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wandering SL8B - Day Three

Day 3 found me at Caledon's simple but elegant build, incorporating motifs from Oxbridge (the building), Caledon generally (the bunneh topiary), and, flying above the building... airship, of course.

Mr. R. Crap Mariner's build, The Magic of Music. (At his request, I'm not including the SLURL. To paraphrase: "Wander around and find it yourself." Fair enough, as that's what I did.) Be sure to read the poem on the tree stump in the middle of the build.

This one is called Point of View.

Winterfell's pastoral build:

Here's one called The Magic Lens, exploring the ways that different types of prims can distort pictures in different ways. Nicely done and fairly magical.

The awkwardly-named KittyCatS! combines birthday, magic, and cute in one adorable package:

Last, but not least, on our three-day voyage through SL8B, is 1920s Berlin, giving the visitor a small taste of that hard RP sim. Makes one want to smash windows or something. :)

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