Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Dark Alley of Caledon

Does Caledon ever seem just a little too clean for its own good? I certainly do, and, apparently, so does Mr. Denver Hax, who has created "The Shambles," the seedy dark alley of the Guvnah's otherwise shiny empire.

One walks at one's own risk, for dangers lie within.

Entertainment for gentlemen of discretion awaits:

Darker pleasures can be had as well:
That can't be...well, obviously that picture was doctored, but, as one can see, one can chase the dragon, or find release in other chemicals.

Of course, the forces of Law and Order must have a way of incarcerating those among the lower classes who breach the peace:

Rumor has it that one can find the legendary catgirl dungeon...if you dare. Not even your sidearm - you are carrying a sidearm in The Shambles, aren't you? - will protect you.

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