Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Liberty Cove

Another hat tip to the Steampunk Tribune (something that seems to happen often these days): Mr. Sextan Shepherd's latest build, Liberty Cove.

The quaint town contains a few shops:
The sign on the window of the shop on the right, above, reads "Relics of Nemo," so you too, dear reader, can own pieces of Mr. Shepherd's famed underwater Steampunk build.

Another shop contains improbable Steampunk airships. (Perhaps "improbable" is redundant when it modifies "Steampunk.")

Hovering over the town, as though picking up a toy set, is this giant clank:
A close-up picture of the creature's arms:

Elsewhere on the island is the Oracle:

This timepiece opens...
...and unfurls:

The observatory:

This build clearly revisits a number of Mr. Sextan's earlier pieces - not a bad thing, mind you! - and I look forward to seeing what he does next.

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