Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cafe Jack

(N.B. Published under the wrong the picture below shows, this was a Rhianon post, not a Kathy post. - RJ)

After my brief mention of the map exhibit currently underway, the explorer Mr. Salazar Jack made mention of an account of an early exploration of the Mainland that he was once involved in. The book was on display at Cafe Jack in the Grignano region.

Cafe Jack 001

As promised, there it was, a lovely coffee table book: "Expedition One: A Trip to the Southern Island," detailing the expedition of Ilianexsi Sojourner, Osprey Therian, Salazar Jack, and Hans Valen.

Cafe Jack 002

Time seems to move differently on the Mainland, so I was not entirely surprised when the date of the expedition was given as January 2005.

Cafe Jack 003

I spent an enjoyable time perusing the book and admiring the photography on the walls.

Cafe Jack 004

Still, I was happy to return to my own time line. 2005 indeed!

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