Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travelogue: Tamrannoch

Traveling west from the moors one finds the small town of Tamrannoch. The social hub of the town is the Falling Anvil Pub, where refreshments rub elbows with storytelling:

Caledon Tamrannoch 6 26 12 001

Nearby is the Jane Austen Memorial Park, where one might reflect on whether Pride and Prejudice is better with the zombies.

Caledon Tamrannoch 6 26 12 002

A longstanding landmark of the area is the building for the Royal Society for the Advancement of the Natural Sciences. Alas, my camera malfunctioned while taking that picture.

Another landmark on the edge of town is the Sanitorium. Once filled with patients - most of them screaming in pain, if I recall correctly - the building now stands empty, undergoing renovations, its gates firmly locked.

Caledon Tamrannoch 6 26 12 003

Next to the Sanitorium is a small chapel, perfect for praying for loved ones who might be undergoing the knife wielded by one of the butchers - er, surgeons - across the way.

Caledon Tamrannoch 6 26 12 004

Several small estates comprise the remainder of the town. Beyond the town center, the land has returned to its native state: unruly grass, wildflowers, and gently rolling hills.

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