Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travelogue: Caledon II

Moving into the heart of Old Caledon, the next stop on our tour is Caledon II. The northeast side is anchored by several establishments, including Chrystin's Emporium (right) and the Dropped Stitch Coffee Shoppe (left), below:

Caledon II 7 7 12 001

Across the path is Miss Terry Lightfoot's To-a-T flagship location:

Caledon II 7 7 12 002

The center of the area features the Caledon Steam Clock, manufactured by Mr. Shaunathan Sprocket:

Caledon II 7 7 12 003
The west end of the area is host to this large industrial complex, the Katachi Locomotive Works and TT Airship Works:

Caledon II 7 7 12 004

The southeast corner is home to Miss Katrina Pugilist's Kat's Meow Costumes:

Caledon II 7 7 12 005

Further west is the House of Light and Joy, a tree-laden tower rising high above Caledon:

Caledon II 7 7 12 006

The unusually-colored trees below are on the grounds of Z! Imports:

Caledon II 7 7 12 007

I hadn't been in Caledon II for some time, and a great deal had changed since my last visit. Nonetheless, the area retains a nice mix of commercial and residential properties.

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