Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travelogue: Caledon Prime

Past Caledon II is the original land of Caledon, sometimes called Caledon Prime. Just over the bridge is the Eastern-influenced home of LadyDawn Starbrook and Sir Thaib Yosuke:

Caledon Prime 7 7 12 001

Much of the area is taken up by the peaceful expanses of Carntaigh Green, Fable Gardens, and the Vannevar Bush Memorial Reading Garden (part of the Caledon Library System). Near the water adjoining Steam Sky City is the remnant of Ordinal Enterprises, where Dame Ordinal continues to sell some of her whimsical and/or dangerous gadgets.

Below is Centre Court, the private home of Miss Victorian Magic:

Caledon Prime 7 7 12 002

Adjacent to Centre Court are the ruins of the Church of the Lost Prim:

Caledon Prime 7 7 12 003

Abutting the church ruins is Centre Court Far North, a stately manor house still under construction.

Caledon Prime 7 7 12 004

Near Port Caledon is the Virtual Kennel Club dog park and Ardentia Ars:

Caledon Prime 7 7 12 005

Last, but not least, Caledon Prime is home to the Caledon Welcome Centre, which is now run by the Caledon Library.

Caledon Prime 7 7 12 006

There we have a quick trip around the most historic of the Caledonian nation!

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