Friday, February 27, 2009

Fluffy Bunneh Labs

I spent about an hour last night in a fruitless - or flowerless, perhaps I should say - search for one of the Caledon Third Anniversary roses. If my recollection is correct, 26 roses strewn across 22 or so sims (which excludes the duchies), on public land only, and above water. Do you know how much public land the Guv has reserved? My only consolation was that others seemed to be faring just as poorly. Mr. Denver Hax hid those flowers far too cleverly for me.

While I was wandering Aether Isle in my vain search - hey, it seemed like as good a place as any to look, right? - I wandered into Mr. Hax's new establishment: Fluffy Bunneh Labs. It appears to be a place where many of Mr. Hax's fiendish creatures are born - or decanted.

What's in the nice hole in the floor?

I recognized some creatures from the late isle of Mondserrat. And - look, a squirrel! No, really, it's not just the ADD kicking in.

A girl and her bunneh. Who could resist clicking on that big, fluffy, red-eyed thing? Not I?

&%^!@ man-eating rabbits!

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