Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nemo - Undersea Steampunk City

As has been reported elsewhere, last Tuesday was the opening of Nemo, an undersea steampunk city inspired by Jules Verne's famous captain. Naturally, I had to pay a visit.

The entrance into Captain Nemo's realm is through this hatch, connected to a small platform atop the sea. Open the hatch, summon the elevator, and ride to the lower level.

Inside, a series of interlocking chambers await. The room below is filled with crackling electricity, generated from Tesla coils, powering arcane pieces of equipment.

Captain Nemo's workshop has several nautical projects underway, including this device with mechanical arms, modelled after the giant squid pictured on the far wall.

What could all this energy be used for? Quite mysterious.

Outside the structure, a craft circles endlessly. (N.B. If that craft were available for purchase, I'd buy one.)

The build, by Mr. Sextan Shepherd, is beautiful. One can see the rust and rivets in the daguerrotype above, and the attention to detail everywhere.

The new sim drew a variety of visitors. What I found interesting was that very few were dressed in Steampunk garb, or anything approaching it. (I donned Mr. Sands' diving helmet for my undersea explorations.) One supposes publicity for the build went well beyond the Steamlands, and curious of all types wanted to pay a visit. I hope this bodes well for Nemo's future.

[Edited 4/1/10 to reflect the change in SLURL.]


Fogwoman Gray said...

The circling ship resembles very much one of Miss Ilsa Munro's flyers :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

For a moment I was hopeful, Mrs. Volare! (Leaving aside the problem that, last I heard, Miss Munro had left our virtual vale of tears and her items are no longer for sale.) Alas, a return visit to Nemo showed that Mr. Shepherd is the creator.

In the department of good news, however, there were a whopping 42 avatars (besides me) in the sim at roughly noon SLT on Sunday. I overheard one person say it reminded him/her of "Bioshock." (I think it was meant as a compliment.)