Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heart of (Mainland) Darkness, Part 3

(Continues from here. Part 1 may be found here.)

From the Journal of Katherine Melissa Jameson:

The trouble was, the priest was not specific as to what I was looking for. I asked, but his enigmatic reply was that I would know it when I saw it. Harumph! Would I really know my goal when I reached it? I had my doubts, but I pressed on.

The warmer climate appeared to be more hospitable to homes and businesses. The barren landscape had given way to commercial developments, some residences, and many, many signs, generally garish advertisements for clothing or (no surprise) the ability to advertise.

Instinct again bade me to make a left turn at the improbably-named Outy's Particle Paradise and continue until I reached a large body of water.

A sign proclaimed it to be the Bay of Space Pigs, a name that made no sense to me, though I was becoming used to such things. Perhaps my instincts had failed me, for I saw no way across...until I saw a small motorized boat. Naturally, I borrowed it. For a mission given to me by a priest, I thought, I was certainly racking up the crimes.

I soon came across a large, sprawling structure that proclaimed itself to be Governor Linden's Mansion. The "Governor" - tyrant that he is, "Emperor" would be a more accurate honorific - ruled this land with an iron first. Was this my destination at long last?

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