Sunday, September 26, 2010

West Speirling for Sale

Darkling Elytis, Lady Speirling, the Marquise of Caledon's West Speirling, announced that she is selling her long-held property in the Firth.

Indeed, I believe she had the property when I arrived in Caledon. As other dukes and duchesses, marquis and marquises have come and gone in that period, Lady Speirling has remained.

The land is not large - water-bourne vehicles have no trouble passing through the territory - but the isle has always had an aetherial beauty to it, which the continual patter of rain only enhances. Magic, I suppose.

I expressed my hope to Lady Speirling that this spot would not change dramatically. She replied that she will be selling the property to "someone who will love the land, and storm, as I have. "

My photographic archive contained several previously-unpublished shots of the isle from November 9, 2008, when a house stood on the land.

One of the surprises one might see is none other than our Nessie, who happened to be passing by the other night as I stood on the isle. She paused long enough for me to take a picture:


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I've just posted a third tour of St Helens as I noticed that massive changes had taken part in the time I've been RPing the Steal Head tale. the smaller plots seem to be coalescing into larger plots so where 3 or 4 unknown folks have been replaced with 1 big ol' house and gardens. I think I'm one of the few originals left, and it's only been open 9 months :-D

Rhianon Jameson said...

It is a little startling to see how much turnover there sometimes is.

I know SL is an entertainment, a diversion, and interests change, but it always struck me as a little strange to buy a plot, fix it up, and lose interest a few weeks later.

I'm an original resident of Caledon Downs, and I'm not sure how many of us are left. Miss Avariel Falcon is one - her Tesla tower was there from the beginning, if I recall correctly - and it's possible the Mr. Bubba Daniels' airfield was original as well. (And thank goodness he hasn't left, because I'd have to invent an airfield and hanger for the Hangover Two for my tales if it didn't exist.) Miss Madeleine Munro is also an original owner, I believe, but that's it. My new next-door neighbor on the lake property, Mr. Jer Manonnen, was my original next-door neighbor for my property on the ridge, returning to the Downs after more than a year away. The other properties have changed hands, generally more than once.