Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heart of (Mainland) Darkness, Part 4

(Continues from here. Part 1 may be found here.)

From the Journal of Katherine Melissa Jameson:

Governor Linden's mansion! This seemed a likely spot to find the something of great value of which the priest spoke. Military secrets of the ruling Lindens? Perhaps something of scientific value? I eagerly started to search the premises.

Something was odd, however. If this was where the Lindens kept their most valuable secrets, why was it not well-guarded? I was able to walk up to the door and into the mansion with nary a word from a guard, human or otherwise. I was gratified to see that the Governor had indoor plumbing.

The first and second floors seemed oddly sterile, as though they were not used, or had not been used in many years. I descended into the cellar with high hopes, but those hopes were quickly dashed. The cellar had a number of old photographs depicting places and people - I assumed they were citizens of the Linden Empire. The people looked and dressed so oddly that the photographs must be ancient indeed.

One could certainly see the Lindens' imperial ambitions, however, as several of the photographs were captioned "Linden World." Fortunately, as we all know, their power remains concentrated in the Mainland continents, allowing peaceful governments such as those in the Steamlands to continue unhindered for the most part.

The only other objects in the cellar were artifacts of a bygone era. I looked carefully at each one, particularly the cylinder with green ends, which at first glance could have been some sort of explosive, but they were all harmless. Indeed, the contents appeared to be the sort of rubbage one often stored in one's cellar.

I felt deflated. This was obviously not my destination. With a weary sigh, I picked up the leather carry-all once again and continued walking.

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