Monday, September 6, 2010

Steamlander's Year in Caledon Map

Sir Excalibur Longstaff, publisher of the esteemed newspaper the Steamlander, noted that he had placed in his Steamlander offices in Steam Sky City a most curious map.

I soon found myself at the office door. "Hello? Sir Excalibur, are you in? Anyone?" I called. I let myself in.
Sure enough, the great chair where Sir Excalibur manages his newspaper was vacant. I rifled a few drawers, but found little of interest. I looked around most respectfully, being careful not to touch anything.

On the wall was his magic map: a map of Caledon, yes, but it shows the changes in our fair land over the past year. One can see buildings rise and fall, the snow flow and ebb, and new lands appear.

I don't pretend to understand the magic that goes into such a picture, but it is most interesting!

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