Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rothesay Revisited

Time for another peek at Caledon Rothesay, where the turnover has been such that one might think being a Duke or Duchess isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Be that as it may, Rothesay has never looked lovelier. Miss Eleanor Anderton has erected a light blue manor house, dubbed "Rosehill Cottage," along with a garden maze and rose garden, in the northwest corner of Rothesay.

Above Miss Anderton's estate is an Outer Space Fantasy, allowing for relaxation, admiration, and perhaps a nice cup of tea.

In the southwest corner lies the Duchy of Downe, Miss Anna Darwinian's estate. She notes: "Downe House in Kent was the family home of Charles Darwin." The heavily-gabled stone house is stunning, and lies next to a small pond with fountains and, it seems a family of ducks.

Moving to the northeast corner, we find Brideswell Manor, the home of Mr. Elrik Merlin, Laird Brideswell. Mr. Merlin has the distinction of being the last remaining original owner in Rothesay. The airship moored over the estate provides an unmistakable landmark. (Rumor has it that, while the tunnel that once connected Brideswell Manor to the Duke of Argylle's estate is no longer open, a tunnel connects Brideswell Manor to Victoria City.)

Finally, moving back to the northeast corner, we find Catnip Folly, home to Miss Kiralette Kelley. This lovely house with green siding is nestled between shrubs and old-growth trees.

Nearby, a pond and a bench provide a place to relax. Near the sea is a fishing pier, for those who enjoy that form of recreation.


Mako Magellan said...

Despite the turnover, Rothesay remains one of the nicest-looking sims in Caledon, as your photo-essay makes abundantly clear.

Although Mr Merlin is the only personage to have settled in the southeast (NB) corner, i think the original plan was for Mr Paderborn to take that parcel. I am not clear on whether Mr P actually took possession at any stage, though.

Rhianon Jameson said...

It is gorgeous! Everyone who has lived there has done such wonderful things with his or her quarter-sim: flowers, trees, shrubs, gazebos, trellises, fountains, elaborate mansions, paths...

I have a dim recollection that you are correct about Mr. Paderborn, as the Duchy of Murdann also suffered the fate of the other openspace sims, but I, too, cannot recall whether the Jarl ever took possession.