Friday, January 14, 2011

Aether Isle and Dreadnought Isle

Aether Isle and its smaller companion, Dreadnought Isle, are the two land masses on the ground near Steam Sky City, and both have seen new residents with new builds on their property of late.

The old airship tower is gone, replaced by...a new airship tower! The Caledon Air Transport company has a stop in SSC, right on the corner of Aether Isle.
The old Falcon Tower is gone - I'm a little nervous to think how SSC is getting its power now (my lights have been dimming a fair bit recently, so perhaps the answer is as simple as "stealing it from the Downs") - replaced by the Black Hole Laboratory and Top Secret Counterfeiting Factory.
Below, the interior of the Laboratory. Youth must be served, but in my day stealth was an important factor in the Mad Science business. One wanted to keep a plausible facade of respectability and not simply announce one's evil intentions to sundry passers-by.
Across the way, Miss Glorf Bulmer has her Bijou Submarine Pen and Bomb Lab. Again, a worthy venture, but perhaps announced a little too forthrightly. Taking advantage of that honesty, however, I erred on the side of caution and did not touch anything, lest it be a sensitive part of the bomb-making apparatus.
Further down the road is a proprietorship by the name of Golem Engineering. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong there?

Across the way, on Dreadnought Isle, is Miss Tinker Radium's Tesla Death Ray. Below, the control room...
...and the following picture shows the Tesla Tower itself.

I heartily applaud the concept of having a Death Ray in the vicinity. Burglars are likely to think twice about breaking into a house protected by one, and the entire city is likely safer from enemy attack. At the very least, any rival Mad Scientist intent on doing harm to SSC would be wise to concentrate her initial firepower on the Death Ray, giving the remaining residents time to mount a serious counterattack. This seems only Prudent.

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