Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Tour of Steam Sky City

Having toured Aether and Dreadnought Isles, I thought that, while I was in the vicinity, I should stop by Steam Sky City herself. From the prow of the city (do cities have prows? well, this one ought to), the view had not changed much from my last visit.
However, as I wandered the decks, I found that a great deal had changed, starting with Mr. Volare's getaway vehicle touring dirigible waiting mid-city.

The Caledon Air Transport had a prominent location, including a map of all the CAT routes. (I think it was updating locations in real time; unfortunately, the darn thing never completely rezzed for me.)

In the aft section there was now a Japanese tearoom.
Nearby, Mr. Kozlov has an ornate residence.

I was amazed at the workmanship throughout the city, and kept taking pictures:


Vivito Volare said...

SSC is home to a steady stream of little changes, and after so many years I still take great pleasure in wandering the decks of the ship.

My one disappointment with the remodel of the city is the number of places where we ended up using sculpts when we really were trying to avoid them. However, it worked out better than originally drafted in the end I think.

Now if only we could get the service clanks working without their self replicating and crashing the sim.

Rhianon Jameson said...

It's always a delightful place to visit, Mr. Volare. I'm forever finding thoughtful little details, like the last picture - who would ever think to look up that high for some amusement, but there it is.

I was going to respond that self-replicating clanks that attempt to take over the sim seem to be a common problem in the Steamlands, what with so many Mad Scientists about, but that wasn't exactly what you wrote, was it? :)