Monday, January 24, 2011

A Trip to the Desert

Following the cold days spent in New Babbage - first on the trail of the archaeologist's killer, then at the Clarendon (though perhaps I was not precisely in 19th century Babbage, but it was still awfully cold), and finally at the Aether Salon - I was ready for warmer climes. What could be better than a trip to the desert?

I piloted the Hangover Two toward Westmoreland, then further west to Numantia, and still further west until I reached Cala Mondrago, an oasis in the desert.

This nation is somehow vaguely allied with Caledon - these shifting geopolitical alliances in the Steamlands often confuse me, and by the time I figure them out it is possible that the need has passed - and contains a mixture of shops and residences. One such business is a small tea house (one of two, in fact). I stopped for a relaxing cup of tea before continuing my tour.

"Seek the answers you desire within," read the sign. Was this the come-on of a fortuneteller? Alas, the tent was empty.

As evening drew near and the shadows grew longer, I found myself at the power plant. The Moorish architecture was evident throughout the land, including the municipal buildings.

A picture of one of the covered bazaars:

Another tea house!

The Laughing Djinn, a place for entertainment, including belly dancing.

One of the private residences:

As I took off in the airship, I captured one last daguerreotype of the city, framed by the last rays of the sun. The fortress perhaps speaks to an earlier time when the city - or its neighbors - was not so open and accommodating. An attack by sea would seem to be difficult, though I imagine assault by air might be easier. My sense is that the building predates air travel.

(OOC note: though I've seen the sim described as "Steampunk in the desert," there is plenty of desert but little Steampunk, beyond the clever power station and, somewhat oddly, a branch of the Steeltopia (I believe, rather than Steelhead, though I could be mistaken) bank. A more accurate, if longer, description might be "Vaguely Victorian era-ish, Ottoman-influenced desert environment." Still, the desert setting is a little different from the usual Victorianesque builds.)

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