Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Nevermoor

Back in November, Kathy posted an early report on Steelhead's newest sim, Nevermoor, with its gothic theme and Alice-in-Wonderland inspiration. Now that some residents have had a chance to move in, I thought I should pay it a longer visit.

The area is laid out around the central square, seen below, with its Alice touches...
...including the electric caterpillar.

North of the square is Miss Cerise Blackheart's House of Blackheart Elegant Jewels,...
...while immediately south of the square is the Eat Me Bakery and Cupcakery.
To the east lies the Peterman Garden Shoppe, with a curious reindeer looking at my camera.
Beyond that lies a set of dilapidated gates.
To the west is a fountain with various statues surrounding the water.

Residences form an outer ring to the commercial center, as can be seen here...
...and here...
...and here. What's nice is that both the residences and shops are, at least this far, very much consistent with the theme.

Travel to 400 meters and find the new home for Miss Fauve Aeon's All Dolled Up:

As far as I could tell, there was no easy way of getting there from the ground as of yet.

Several plots still seemed to be vacant, so hasten to the latest, fanciful addition to Steelhead if you are inspired by the gothic side of the Steamlands.

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