Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bedlam in Babbage: Space Edition

It looked like New Babbage. The sign said I was in New Babbage. I recognized The Clarendon, where Mr. Edward Pearse would be spinning his wax cylinders. And yet... that craft in front of The Clarendon did not look like it belonged in Babbage. Naturally, I went in anyway.

It seemed that this edition of Bedlam in Babbage was taking place in space, in a part of the timestream unfamiliar to me. Although I wasn't dressed for the occasion - people in the future will dress oddly, it seems - I joined the festivities.

Mr. Vox Wright

Dr. Watson (Elilke Sieyes) and Mr. Holmes (Elina Koskinen)

Inspector Beth Lestrade (Miss Robin Thorr)

Mr. Blackberry Harvey

Miss Mariah Lanfier (left) and Miss Scarlet Jaggernov (right)

Miss Breezy Carver

Our DJ, Mr. Pearse, floating along in zero gravity

Your humble journalist

Mr. Jorge Serapis

Soon I had to return for tea at Chez Jameson, so I made my farewells and attempted to navigate the timestream back to 18__ Caledon . I heard one last piece of advice as I departed: "Avoid the 20th Century!"


hba said...

I want an Eagle so freakin' much!

Rhianon Jameson said...

It already landed, I'm afraid. :)