Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aether Salon - Mark II

Sunday the 16th was the third anniversary of the Aether Salon, and the first under the direction of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach.

Aether Salon 10 16 11 001

Baron Wulfenbach

The former Salon structure was destroyed in a mysterious explosion (in the Steamlands, are there any other kinds?), so the site was surrounded by fencing and scaffolding.

Aether Salon 10 16 11 009

A number of past Salon speakers came to share some memories of past events, and all brainstormed about possible topics and speakers.

Aether Salon 10 16 11 002

Miss Ceejay Writer (foreground), Miss Zaida Gearbox and Miss Junie Ginsburg.

Aether Salon 10 16 11 003

Mr. Vic Mornington

Aether Salon 10 16 11 004

Your humble diarist

Aether Salon 10 16 11 005

Master Jimmy Branagh (foreground), with, L-R, Adm. Wildstar Beaumont, Prof. Bodhisatva Paperclip, Mrs. Breezy Carver Fabre, and Lady Stargirl MacBain

Aether Salon 10 16 11 006

Mr. Blackberry Harvey, Miss Solace Fairlady, Miss Darlingmonster Ember, Prof. Paperclip

Aether Salon 10 16 11 007

L-R: Miss Kimika Ying, Miss Jed Dagger, Miss Sera Puchkina, Mr. Jasper Kiergarten, Capt. Red Llewellyn

Aether Salon 10 16 11 008

Sir JJ Drinkwater, Capt. Stereo Nacht

Baron Wulfenbach then announced that the winner of the design contest for the Salon was none other than Mr. Blackberry Harvey, who had developed a model of the site.

Aether Salon 10 16 11 010

Baron Wulfenbach unveils the model of the new Salon design

Aether Salon 10 16 11 011

The new Salon design

Mr. Harvey's design evokes the Globe theater, and contains a fold-down stage and, in a technological marvel, the entire structure rotates. Most amazing! Some discussion was held involving the proper way to light such a venue - gas lamps, Tesla coils, and even mysterious glowing rocks that caused mutations in humans were all considered. The final design decision should be quite interesting.

The next Salon will be Victuals!, with Miss Ceejay Writer, and will be held on Nov. 20.

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Breezy Carver said...

Grins well done !!
Considering all the Virtual Dust and Building Scaffolding, on top of the Usual Babbage Soot .. cough cough ! :)