Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Burn2, part 2

A few more intriguing builds from Burn2.

Wormholes, by Katz Jupiter. Not sure what this one's about, as the notecard offered never arrived. Something about maturing from one stage of life to the next?

Burning Man Silver Seed 001

The Joker's Wild, by Herbie Haven. A commentary on our dependence on oil?

Burning Man Silver Seed 002

Too Many Signs by Leroy Horten. I enjoy the literal fire sale.

Burning Man  Silver Seed 001

I made it through about half the builds in two days, but then the lag got the best of me. I think lag illness is similar to the bends - it requires a great deal of rest, with no strenuous activities, in order to recover.

The huge lag that always accompanies popular events really puts a damper on those events. It's one thing to have a concert or lecture, where everyone sits for the duration, or even a dance, where everyone uses the dance ball, which doesn't seem to tax the system as much. Having 20+ people all moving independently is no fun at all.

I'll also concede that the whole Burning Man phenomenon is a mystery to me. I don't get these camp sites and builds.

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