Monday, October 10, 2011

Wandering Through Burn2

Some of the builds at Burn2 that captured my interest:

Passage to Learning, by DeAnn Dufaux:

Starting with a picture book, then a simple reader, the build shows the progression of learning to read. And I can't resist builds of books.

The Insolence of Nature, by Garvie Garzo:

No idea what this one is about, but it looked interesting.

Mystical Tree, by Kell Baberco (apologies if I got the name wrong, but my handwriting was particularly bad on that one);

Another head-scratcher, but it did look vaguely tree-like and, well, vaguely mystical.

Grail Quest, by Trill Zapatero:

My favorite of the bunch in the Black Rock sim, Grail Quest urges the visitor to click on things.

I sense that greed isn't rewarded.

Perhaps this is more of a "to thine own self be true" kind of place.

This build typifies what I think of as the vaguely hippie vibe of Burning Man, but it's also fun - something that's often sadly lacking.

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