Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dark Aether Falls, Part 2

I traveled to City Hall in New Babbage to look at the automaton myself.

Dark Aether Falls 001

The remarkable machine was being guarded by one of Miss Falcon's devices, but it let me approach until I could read the manuscript, which appeared to have grown longer in the past few days.

I started reading, and was amazed: in contrast to previous reports of the content of the manuscript, this narrative was different. Somehow, it had changed! Whereas the original version described the complete destruction of Babbage, the new, longer version describes a fierce battle between the Babbage residents and large, tentacled creatures. Although many people lost their lives in fighting these monsters, Jimmy Branagh escaped in a ship to go back in time and stop Jason Moriarty before he could put in motion the events leading up to the narrative.

How curious!

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