Friday, October 28, 2011

Clocktree Park

Autumn has come to the eight Five Islands, and I decided to pay a visit to the center of activity, Clocktree Park, in Edloe. The park (and tree) are curated by local tyrant/evil land baron R. Crap Mariner, so I stole in when the robot's attention was elsewhere.

Edloe  Clocktree Park 001

It's a pretty spot, to be sure.

Edloe  Clocktree Park 002

That robot does have an obsession with time...well, timepieces, at any rate, as most don't actually tell the correct time.

Edloe  Clocktree Park 003

Below is the reading room, where the storytelling magic occurs.

Edloe  Clocktree Park 004

And the office, where, fueled only by a burning desire to write 100 word stories (okay, and by a fifth of Jack Daniel's), Clocktree Park's despot bangs away on his trusty typewriter.

Edloe  Clocktree Park 005

Hmm, that sounded naughty, didn't it?

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