Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Minor Mishap

Walking along Aether Isle the other day I noticed that Miss Glorf Bulmer seemed to have had an experiment go awry.

Aether Isle  A Minor Accident 001

Quite the mess! I hope no minions were hurt - they are so hard to train.

Aether Isle  A Minor Accident 002

The sign in front of the establishment is less than entirely reassuring. It reads:

Do not be alarmed. There has been a minor incident, within the health & safety guidelines for this Establishment.

There is no cause for concern.

However, as a visitor, you may wish to take simple precautions regarding debris, NBC hazards and tentacle monster attack if you:

  • Are under 18
  • Are over 80
  • Have a compromised immune system
  • Do not want a compromised immune system
  • Are over 18
  • Are under 80
  • Are pregnant
  • Are thinking of becoming pregnant
  • Are related in any way to anyone who has ever been pregnant

Enjoy your visit. The Management.

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