Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aether Salon - Spirits!

For the last Salon of the season, Baron Wulfenbach invited Jarl Otenth Paderborn to discuss the subject of spirituality and religion in Second Life.

 The Jarl talked a little about his own path into Second Life, first seeking fellow Quakers and then becoming involved with the Unitarians, before discussing other spiritual centers of the virtual world.

Aether Salon  Spirit 001
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and Jarl Otenth Paderborn

Aether Salon  Spirit 002
I try to figure out how to operate the coffee machine

Aether Salon  Spirit 003
Some of the Salon attendees

Aether Salon  Spirit 004
Ladies Solace Fairlady and Darlingmonster Ember, with Mr. Linus Lacombe

Aether Salon  Spirit 005
Miss Gabrielle Anatra, Miss Bookworm Hienrichs, Miss Sidonie Ancelin, and Miss Nika Thought-werk (a clockwork being)

Aether Salon  Spirit 006
Admiral Wildstar Beaumont

Aether Salon  Spirit 007
Clockwinder Mosseveno Tenk, with Mrs. Holmes (!) in the background

Aether Salon  Spirit 008
Miss Belle Milneaux (background) and Dame Kghia Gherardi (foreground)

Additional pictures, from Miss Hienrichs, are available here. A complete transcript of the even is available at the Salon's Aetheric Pages.

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