Monday, May 14, 2012

Travelogue: Primverness

My last journey took me to Caledon Windemere. Moving northeast from there, bypassing (for the moment) Victoria City, we come to Primverness, now owned by Duchess Angel.
Although the train line continues from Victoria City, passing under a clock tower and cutting through a lush, mountainous area, the line ends abruptly, forming a circle to return toward Victoria City.

Caledon Prinverness 5 12 12 001

Along the coast is a lovely if battered church, brilliantly illuminated by sunlight.

Caledon Prinverness 5 12 12 002

I found a shaky footbridge that works its way through the mountainous areas and walked along the path, past twin waterfalls.

Caledon Prinverness 5 12 12 003

The interior of Primverness is mainly a verdant rainforest.

Caledon Prinverness 5 12 12 004

Much of the land has been left in its natural state, seemingly untouched by human hands.

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