Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sanity Falls Again

After Miss Kiana Writer's pep talk (in the comments of my previous entry on the hunt) I took up the hunt again. I had found 47 of the clues from town, but redoubled my efforts to find the last three.
That accomplished, I turned to finding the ransom money in earnest. As usual with hunts and clues, some were easy, some difficult, and some downright nasty. (And, no doubt, which bucket the clues fit into is highly idiosyncratic. What I found nearly impossible others might find child's play, and vice-versa.)

Sanity Falls 5 3 12 001

At two points along the way, I uncovered "dream sequences" that illustrated the shattered mind of poor Alex.

Sanity Falls 5 3 12 002

Blood. And televisions.

Sanity Falls 5 3 12 004

A tableau Freud himself would have enjoyed.

Sanity Falls 5 3 12 005

As I find more of the ransom money, however, the timer clicks down, inexorably, toward zero. So close...

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