Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sanity Falls - Last Time Around

** Thar be spoilers ahead - Best beware! **

As the note says, spoilers. Mild ones, in some regard - and, in any event, I'm only guessing as to the meaning of it all. I will wait to post this for some time, to minimize the number of people who might be reading this still working on the hunt.


After a time, I collected all fifty parts of the ransom - $1,000,000 - and waited for instructions. However, as I waited, I I saw the timer tick to zero. I had failed!

I found myself on the bridge leading into Sanity Falls, just where I started, except that  the sky was the color of an apocalypse and the bridge itself in ruins, ending abruptly and falling to an abyss below.

Sanity Falls  End 001

Here was an apparition, a ghostly Alex perched on the edge of the bridge, as if ready to jump. But Alex is me, right? How could I be both here and there?

Sanity Falls  End 002

I tried to grab him, only to find him/me/us falling…a long way down...

Sanity Falls  End 003

…only to find myself unharmed in a subterranean room - a warehouse? - that appeared to be hastily outfitted for medical work. Beyond the room was a locked door. (And many thanks to the two people who helped me out at this point. I puzzled over the code to unlock the door for quite some time before asking for help. In the end, the trick turned out to be quite simple.) Beyond the door, a corridor. Beyond the corridor, another locked door, and finally...

Sanity Falls  End 005

…the end.

I enjoyed the game very much. I'm not a big fan of hunts, so my enjoyment came from the mystery itself, following the storyline to a satisfactory conclusion. (I'll say I suspected a good portion of it, but being right doesn't take away from the enjoyment.) The entire experience was well-done. Kudos to the Madpea team!

As I think about the resolution, I do wonder, though: was Livea ever real?

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