Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travelogue: Victoria City Part 1 (Outer Circle)

Leaving Primverness, I returned to Caledon's capital, Victoria City. The city is such a hub of activity that a single entry will not do it justice. I'll start with a tour around the outer circle, starting at the Guvnah's mansion:

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 001

Nearby is the Red Room Gallery, a long-standing fixture in the community, with its art available to the public in a relaxed setting.

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 002

The Victoria City stop on the train line has its own train station, an attractive yellow-and-red building along the tracks.

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 003

Nearby, just behind and to the right of the train station, is the Steampunk Tintype & Telegraph Newspaper. Its neighbor is Carntaigh House, residence of Misses Gabrielle Riel and CronoCloud Creeggan:

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 004

New to the area are the Inns of Court:

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 005

Anchoring the city is the main branch of the Caledon Library:

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 006

Nearby is Mr. Whynaught's sculpture garden:

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 007

Beyond the sculpture garden stands Goode Inventions and related buildings owned by Dr. Goode:

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 008

Finally, Caledon Library houses its steampunk collection in the lot next door - naturally, in an airship moored above the ground - all that can be seen from ground level is the massive chain keeping the airship steady.

Caledon Victoria City 5 12 12 009


Gabrielle Riel said...
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Gabrielle Riel said...

I have a correction request. I would greatly appreciate it if you could change the phrase "self-styled Duchess" in the paragraph about Carntaigh House to "Misses Gabrielle Riel and CronoCloud Creeggan", as both CC and I live there.

Please read my picks in my profile about RP titles, etc. If you disdain using the term "Duchess" then I would prefer that you not use it at all.

Thank you,
Gabrielle Riel

Kathy Jameson said...

Mea culpa, and my most humble apologies, Lady Gabrielle. I updated the post to reflect that Colonel Creeggan is also resident in Carntaigh House. More importantly, my choice of words was quite poor. I meant no slight to you. By way of explanation, though not excuse, I was attempting to draw a distinction between the "Duke/Duchess by right of ownership" (e.g., of the historical Carntaigh or a quarter of Rothesay) and "title by RP." In retrospect, not only was it a bad choice of words but it's a distinction that is unimportant in the context of the post.

Please accept my apologies.

Gabrielle Riel said...

Thank you for the correction, I greatly appreciate it.

~ Gabi