Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Travelogue: Arkham

Today I'm deviating from the geographical progression of this series, traveling by airship to the north of Caledon, north of Penzance and just to the east of Brigadoon, to the new area of Arkham.

Owned by the Duchesses Sha'uri Cheshire and Solar Angel, Arkham is a forbidding area. For example, the castle is downright intimidating:
Arkham 4 21 12 003

Warehouses are nothing unusual, but the fence made me a little nervous.
Arkham 4 21 12 001

That nervousness did not recede when I peered inside. More cages…to keep human captives?
Arkham 4 21 12 002

The castle clearly dominates the skyline, but the other large structure is the asylum.
Arkham 4 21 12 004

Though the asylum appeared to be in ruins and unused, some parts looked as though someone could keep a patient - or a prisoner - from leaving.
Arkham 4 21 12 005

After that, I hastened back to the airship for a trip back home to Steam Sky City, where the only thing to fear are mad scientists (and air pirates, and the occasional zombie, but still…). Good thing I kept the propellers turning during my visit!


Glorf Bulmer said...

Mad scientists are nothing to be scared of! Honestly, we get such a bad press....

Rhianon Jameson said...

Speaking as the land-holder of this family, it's not that you lot are scary - but oh the explosions! It's hard to take a solid three-hour nap some times. And don't get me started on the debris!