Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drinking My Way Around Babbage

A few pictures from the Babbage Bar Crawl - and, let me assure you, after a few stops you will be crawling!

After starting at the Lotus of the Sea and Aegir's Hall beneath the Vernian Sea, I made it to dry land and Cuff's. The rest of the day became a blur of walking, drinking, walking and drinking, or drink walking.

Babbage Bar Crawl 001
Porthead Tavern, Port Babbage

Babbage Bar Crawl 002
The Gangplank, Clockhaven

Babbage Bar Crawl 003
Vrai Vert, Clockhaven

Babbage Bar Crawl 004
The Old Brewery, Clockhaven

Babbage Bar Crawl 005
Red Rum Cave, Clockhaven

Babbage Bar Crawl 006
Brunel Hall Hotel Bar, Academy of Industry

Babbage Bar Crawl 007
The Bucket of Blood, New Babbage - at night, no less!

Babbage Bar Crawl 008
Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways

By this time, I was hardly aware of which end of the camera I should be pointing at the subject matter, much less in a sufficient state of mind to follow the directions to the next pub. I found a nice spot in the corner where no one would bother me...

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