Sunday, June 24, 2012

SL9B, Days 2-3

Onward I march! Most of the pictures in here come from the sim FruitIslands SL9B Party.

SL9B Party 001
A very attractive storybook display

SL9B Party 002
Antiquity 1800 sims

SL9B Party 003
The second floor of Plum Piffle Pudding - photography by Caledon's own Beth Pentewyn

SL9B Party 004
A very psycheledic Alice's Dream by theda

SL9B Party 005
Aster Construction's exhibit - complete with tree gnome

SL9B Party 006
Automatron dancers waltz at the House of Alisha

SL9B Party 007
Sculpty people?

SL9B Party 008
Perhaps my favorite display, Spoken Word and Writing in Second Life, by Crap Mariner - books, a Steampunk machine, and a vintage manual typewriter make a wonderful combination

SL9B Party 009
Kitty Cats at the KittyCats display (naturally) - dancing the night away

Some clever ideas indeed! Do see Crap's exhibit if the chance presents itself. It's utterly charming.

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