Friday, June 22, 2012

SL9B, Day 1 - Users Throw Themselves a BIrthday Bash

Wandering through SL9B, looking at some of the more interesting builds… All these are from FruitIslands SL9B Fun.

SL9B 001

SL9B 002
Elf Circle Community

SL9B 003
Battle Beast Breedables

SL9B 004
Carima - German medieval/fantasy roleplay

SL9B 005
Tombstone on Tap

SL9B 007
Mew Catz Design - The Art of Sculpty

SL9B 008
Wishes Granted: Stories of Positive Impact

SL9B 006
ClearView Gallery

I plan to cover about one sim a day, which is about all my patience can take.

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