Monday, June 18, 2012

Further Along the Path

"Further Along the Path" is a sequel of sorts to Bryn Oh's collaborative exhibit "The Path" of the previous year. As with the earlier work, eight artists collaborated on a single project, each building on the work of the previous artist, with the order chosen at random.

The narrative structure of this exhibit is less clear (to me, at least) than in the previous one, but certain threads run through each build. The rotary telephone connects one build to the next (but be sure to pick up the notecard with all the TP points in case you have trouble finding the telephone).

Further Along the Path 001
From Glyph Graves' contribution
This is a story of awakening

Further Along the Path 003
From Paramparamm Papp's contribution

Cascades of light are blinding in the near-darkness around me.

Further Along the Path 004
From Alpha Auer's contribution

Petrified humans nevertheless speak in tongues…surely I am in the dream?

Further Along the Path 007
From  Oberon Onmura's contribution

The telephone gives a warning: two of the staircases lead to death…only one leads onward. Choose carefully.

Further Along the Path 008
From Eupalinos Ugajin's contribution

Further Along the Path 011
From Ux Hax and Romy Nayar's contribution

Further Along the Path 014
From Ub Yifu's contribution

Follow the fish...

Further Along the Path 015
From Bryn Oh's contribution

In every dream there is an awakening…here is the struggle to awaken

Bryn Oh uses some clever scripting in the final tableau (not pictured) - reminiscent of the scripting used in the stairs in the Avatar Games.

Another entertaining and thought-provoking exhibit. Well worth the time to explore.

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