Thursday, June 28, 2012

More SL9B Exhibits

Continuing to wander through the northern sims:

SL9B KJ Day 2 004

SL9B KJ Day 2 005
Mazeville, from Caledonian Samm Florian - the walls rearrange themselves every so often

SL9B KJ Day 2 006
Heart Gravel - touching the hearts provides a way to leave or read messages

SL9B KJ Day 2 007
Digital Poison - thar be dragons!

SL9B KJ Day 2 008
Ruca Tease

SL9B KJ Day 2 009
Hollywood Airport Defense Squad

Some of the sims were fairly aquatic. That meant getting a little wet.

SL9B KJ Day 2 010
Two Moon Paradise

SL9B KJ Day 2 011
Siren Song

There you have it: some of the SL9B exhibits that intrigued the Jameson clan. Hardly a comprehensive list; more like ones that caught our eyes.

Well-done to everyone who participated this year - here's to SL10B!

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