Monday, October 27, 2008

Can Evil Scientists Change Their Labcoats?

My eyes widened when I heard Capt. Red Llewellyn refer to the “good” Doctor Obolensky in ISC chat Saturday. Surely this was just a glitch in the aether causing me to mis-hear! But no, Capt. Llewellyn insists that the scheming bounder has changed his ways and works only for the forces of good these days. Then again, Miss Llewellyn’s ardor for the Doctor seemed suspicious in itself. But hey, it’s a crazy world out there, and if a pirate captain and an Evil Overload-turned-Do-Gooder can find some happiness, well, here’s good at ya, kids!

Still, I was suspicious. However, Capt. Red’s statement triggered a stray neuron, and, sure enough, Dr. Mason mentions in passing “Doctor Obolensky's new "synister ray" which reverses the moral compass of its victims. In fact he tested it on himself and turned into a philanthropist for a short period of time!”

I traveled to Clockspire, the Doctor’s island lair off the coast of New Babbage, to snoop around, er, look for evidence of the Doctor’s conversion.

This skull looks a little ominous, no?

They say a stopped clock is right twice a day, but I’m not certain about this one. At least, I hope it’s not right twice a day.

Does a "good" Scientist really need a scary-looking tower in the sky? I think not.

How about an escape airship? And what's with all the fog, anyway?

The heart of the power system. Hmm, not just for burning the toast, is it?

No, I am far from convinced that the good Doctor Obolensky is now the Good Doctor Obolensky. We shall keep our eyes on you, sir!

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