Thursday, October 9, 2008

A (RL) Trip Through the Vortex

My typist unilaterally decided to travel away from the keyboard for a little over a week. I thought we had a deal - I get consulted on such things - but I suppose that was too much to ask. We both may wind up in Aetheric withdrawal by the end of the trip. Part of this journey will take her to a strange land called “Arizona,” to a strange town called “Sedona,” where, I am told, Caledonian customs typically do not apply. This area of the world is said to contain “spiritual vortexes,” which, in addition to demonstrating a shaky grasp of Latin declination, sounds a bit frightening. It sounds a little as though one’s soul could be sucked down the spiritual drain. I shall be certain to report back if the area seems to have a higher-than-average number of zombies or other soulless creatures.

In any event, barring some unexpected ability to make newfangled miniature technology work in this “Arizona,” I shall not be updating this Journal for about ten days. In the meanwhile, I expect that the mayhem and mischief in Caledon and associated lands will be kept to a minimum. If I miss too much excitement I will be most vexed.

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