Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mama Take My Guns Off of Me, I Don't Need Them Any More

Miss Orr had posted a Journal entry about the:

Yes, the Haunted Castle of the Damned! The fun is that the sim is damage-enabled, so when the zombies attack, and the werewolves attack, and the...I don't know what it is, but when it attacks, too, one eventually dies. I like a challenge.

I started out with my trusty Wilks & Co. Clock-Loading Pistol, from Miss Malaprop, but discovered I could not shoot fast enough. I tried a machine gun, but it shot too many bullets too fast, I filled up the sim, and then had to wait for the bullets to de-rez before I could shoot again, meanwhile being bitten to death. Finally, I found the right weapons: a pair of 9mm Glocks.

Could I face down an army of zombies?

Well, no. I never found a way to kill them fast enough to stay alive, at least not without cheating: I would fly above the zombies and pick them off one at a time.
Whatever it takes, my friends. Whatever it takes.

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