Saturday, October 4, 2008

Even More Ta-Tas

Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, in sarong - and hair, this time!

Sir JJ dancing with Lady Serra.

The Baron offered to dance bare-chested if ten ladies each donated L$1000 to the cause. The women were pushing and shoving to get to the donation spot - it was an ugly scene. More than ten donated the requisite amount in about 30 seconds, and the Baron showed he was a man of his word.

Good cause or no, my top stayed on. There have to be some mysteries in life, no?


Evening said...

Thank you for doing this. I am a recent breast cancer survivor. I had a bilateral mastectomy last year. A yearly mammogram saved my life. Awareness is key, women need know that early detection is what makes breast cancer survivable.
You are doing a wonderful service here. I thank you.

Rhianon Jameson said...

I can't take any of the credit (other than taking pictures as quickly as possible between crashes) - Miss Bellambi and Miss Anansi deserve the kudos, both for putting on the event and for matching the donations. (And we put a big hurt on their bank balances, hee-hee.) But I agree completely with you about the importance of early detection, and, implicitly, about the importance of these kinds of events to raise money and awareness.

My congratulations to you for having the strength and willpower to beat your cancer. I take courage in every person who fights cancer and wins - just to know it can be done is, I think, an enormous help.