Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art Galleries in Tabula Rasa

As I had previously complained that I was unable to enter the Tabula Rasa sim (part of a larger estate called Avalon Town), once my (still unexplained) banning was kindly removed I thought I should pay a visit myself.

Kathy has already described Miss Callipygian Christensen's exhibit at the Exposure Art Gallery, so I decided to pop into several of the surrounding galleries. My first stop was at the Tricia Aferdita Gallery, a very modernistic building carrying very modernistic pictures. Interesting, but not my cup of tea.

Mr. PJ Trenton, known to readers of The Primgraph and Prim Perfect for his extraordinary photographs that accompany articles in those two fine publications, has a space called Render Design and Photography. Although some of what I assume to be his work is displayed on the walls, much of the space appears designed for meeting with potential clients.

Mr. Trenton owns the aforementioned Exposure Art Gallery, which is still showing Miss Christensen's portraiture work.

The large space shown below is that of Zanphoria Gallery and Studio. I do so enjoy the fact that galleries provide a place where one can rest one's weary bones.

I would like to thank Miss Elora Dawes for her time in assisting me with gaining access to this area.

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