Saturday, November 28, 2009

A New Neighbor

A new neighbor, a Mr. AutoPilotPaul Qork, has moved in to a lot in the Downs across the street from me, next to the Steampunk Resource Centre.

Mr. Qork appears to be a specialist in daguerrotypes produced by a specific type of camera, which he calls a Nikon.

Though I am happy to see the empty land once again filled (though the Guvnah has kindly planted tall trees to make those bare lots a little less barren), I must grumble just a little that yet another new neighbor has seen fit to ignore the rather loose thematic vision for the Downs and have a house that is more Charles Rennie Mackintosh than Victorian. (To be fair, Art Nouveau was indeed within the Victorian era. I am still entitled to grumble, however.)

[Edit 11/29/09 2:10 pm (SLT). The lot now has a much more soothing house upon it, as the picture below shows. I hope that the above carping was not the cause for the change, much as I think it's for the better. I am connected with reality enough to realize that a connection between the Journal entry and anything that happens in the Downs is unlikely.]


Mako Magellan said...

Grumbling is the prerogative of old-timers like us, Miss Jameson. And a pretty pleasure it can be, too. However, I am old enough to remember the Mackintosh house near the hub of Caledon on Sea; long before the railway works, long before the botanical house, on the site now occupied by the Blue Mermaid, if I am not mistaken, back in the hard days when there was absolutely nothing to complain about :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

You are kind to consider me one of the "old timers," Mr. Magellan, though in some ways it has seemed like a long journey.

It appears that the Mackintosh house was only temporary (I certainly hope that the change was not made because of my petty remarks) - see the edit to the post.