Sunday, November 1, 2009

Humorous Haunts

Miss Emilly Orr, always the connoisseur of haunted houses, wrote ofone from OneDom, on Jai. (I was a little tardy in visiting, so this is being posted after All Hallow's Eve. Ah well.)

This was one of the more amusing houses I've visited. Sit down on chairs and couches. Pumpkins or severed heads materialize next to you as you sit, or lounge, or meditate while hovering in mid-air. (I would have sworn there was a couch when I sat!)

The meal is the obligatory repast of braaaiiiins. (Again? We just had brains.)

Life getting you down? Things just a little too intense for you? No problem: slit your wrists and take a nice bath. (This one might have been more effective without the stream of blood coming from the shower head.)

Have a drink at the bar...but don't lose your wits...or your entire head.

The study - complete with flying books - has a hidden door that leads to a small maze.

But my favorite spot was the kitchen. The oven has a lovely turkey cooking in it. Open the door. Mmm, smell it cooking! Now click on the turkey. Go ahead. What could go wrong? Well, you could be sucked into the oven. With the turkey.

And he's not happy.

I survived my battle with Mr. Tom, living another day to report on this unique haunted house. Until next year!

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