Friday, November 6, 2009

Tanglewood - Trees and Tinyville

My journy through the wild lands of Caledon continued in Tanglewood. Like Kittiwickshire, it is home to many tiny folk and many large trees, creating a lush canopy. Flying over the area, one can scarecely believe anyone has set foot in it for hundreds of years.

But settle here they have. The area is almost entirely residential, a tranquil refuge. Below, Ziskey Grove and, beyond it, mostly covered by trees, is the Vicerene's retreat (the mountain in the background is Lionsgate, and is connected to the rustic house in Tanglewood).

In central Tanglewood lies Moody Pond, where a tiny sailboat waits to be launched.

Near the eastern border is a new addition, the Tanglewood Infirmary. Given the way Caledonians are always getting into scrapes, one can never have too many places to get patched up!

This peaceful spot, complete with cow, is Belgar Grove, a spot that begs one to stop and look for a while. A short distance away is the Caledon Library special collections building. While looking for a good angle for a photograph of the building, I met a former neighbor from the Downs, Miss Sophie Zuta, who now has a cottage in Tanglewood, Fae Hollow (look for the giant mushrooms). Miss Zuta and I had a lovely chat beneath the towering trees.

The entire western side of the area is taken up by Tinyville, with a variety of buildings for the wee folk, including the Tinyville branch of the library. At the far end of Tinyville lies Toad Hall (home of Mr. Toad, from Wind in the Willows fame) and, beyond that, the Wild Wood, which will also be known to readers of Kenneth Grahame book.

After this visit, I dislike the idea of heading back to civilization, but duty calls.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

If only I were a tiny, I could have gone to the infirmary instead of the Samnitorium known as Tam San!

Rhianon Jameson said...

As a point of clarification, I think the Tanglewood infirmary is for full-sized as well as tiny folk. At the very least, I did not have to stoop once inside. Posture is very important, you know. :)

But what did ever become of that worthy, wounded in the destruction of Dr. Mason's labs?

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ahhh, he'll be back - I've pre-booked in Mt St Helens and plan to move him there after this tale is done: