Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Gathering of the Three

By nature, I tend to prefer solitude to crowds. I am often a solo adventurer. Recently, however, I discovered the power of friends willing to drop everything to help out one of their own.

The Octoberville quest had one particularly annoying spot, in which, to enter a room, one needed to unlock the large skull pictured below. I had keys aplenty, but it turned out that three separate people were needed to each use a key before the mechanism would be triggered. Pother.

I called sister Rhianon and our friend Dr. Tesla Steampunk. They took the time to acquire keys of their own, whereupon they met me in the skull room. Presto! The mechanism unlocked and opened.

Three cheers for good friends!

Mind you, not that this got me to the finish line. :(

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