Sunday, November 22, 2009

Steamy Victorian, um, You Know

Whilst stumbling about the world - or doing random searches for Steampunk-influenced places - I found something...unusual. It's called the "Eiffel Tower of Sex" (at about 2400 meters in the Audeburgh sim...SLURL to follow when I remember).

The place is actually quite tame by SL standards, though there are a few naughty poseballs. It's designed to look a little like the Eiffel Tower, with Victorian-era cast iron in intricate designs. On the inside, it looks like a Victorian sitting room - except that the walls are covered with period erotic photographs. Oh, and a great steam engine in the center of the room.

The steam engine has controls to take one to different levels of the tower, including the control room, pictured below,...

...and the boiler room, below.

All in all, an odd experience.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for reviewing The Eiffel Tower of Sex!
If I may, I'd just like to mention that we also have 8 private and semi-private sex areas, as well as a full dungeon. We also host weekly events, as well as erotic readings.
Thank you, again!

Ivy Janic, Eiffel Tower Hostess

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

What a mighty fine erection...