Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wandering Through Kittiwickshire

Kittiwickshire and Tanglewood to me represent the more whimsical and fanciful side of Caledon. (A floating city? Cavorite mines? I say they represent prosaic reality. My reality, at least.) Enormous trees towering over houses built for tinies. Fanciful, yet relaxing.

In fact, there are two distinct parts of Kittiwickshire. The first, a wooded, bucolic area, can be seen in the picture below (the small cottage in the foreground belongs to Mr. 1wuz Gray):

The other Kittiwickshire is in the main street, which is the commercial hub of the town. On one end, Miss Martini Discovolante's carousel on the pier:

One new addition is the Astrotorium, a large structure focused on the stars and planets (and showing a moving picture!). Below, the interior:

And the exterior:

Several other shops, focused on tinies (though wares for full-figured-folk can also be found) line the commercial heart of the area:

Naturally, the Caledon train system runs through it, and Mr. Bubba Daniels' Caledon Air Transport company has a hydroport in the southwest corner.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Everytime I read your reports from Caledon, I want to live there! I first went to Tangle wood a couple of years back, but as always for a Euro-timer with limited time in-world, I don't recall meeting anyone - but it impressed me greatly as a lovely place.

Kathy Jameson said...

I can't guarantee people in-world during Euro times (though we have a fair-sized British contingent, and probably some Brits I don't even know about, as they fake an American accent so well :) ), and, truth be told, Caledon's sheer size sometimes makes it difficult to find people together, but many parts are simply lovely.

As for Tanglewood, that was my next stop - prepare for pictures in a day or so!