Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breakfast in Babbage - Back to the Future

The Earth has whirled halfway around the sun, various time zones have moved back into alignment, and Breakfast in Babbage has returned to the Clarendon. Last Saturday at 8 a.m. SLT, Mr. Edward Pearse brought his Victrola and record collection to spin some tunes.

The theme was 80s music: "The Power of Love," "Big Time," "Footloose," and plenty of Weird Al. Below, Miss Ceejay Writer and Mr. Tinus Koskinen move to the music, with Miss Gabrielle Riel in the back.
Miss Riel shows her moves.

Much of the discussion involved recollections of the music, movies, and other entertainment of the times...and the inability of Americans to understand British accents. Below, Mr. Pearse:

Miss Cyan Rayna and Miss Gabriell Anatra:

Miss Trilby Minotaur, Miss Sky Netizen, and Mr. Vernden Jarvil:

Foolishly, when I heard "80s," I thought "1880s." Wouldn't you? As it turned out, the reason most everyone was dressed so oddly was that this was a futuristic-themed gathering: the 1980s. Ah well. Below, Mr. Jorge Serapis and I are still in the nineteenth century, but having a good time envisioning what the music would be like a century hence. (Very danceable, thank you for asking.)

Breakfast in Babbage: the tastiest way to wake up in the Steamlands!

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Breezy Carver said...

aww I so wished to stop but real life decided to hold me captive .. The Duke put on another grand Collection I see, wonderful post thank YOU for sharing !